Photobooth and Selfie Mirror Hire in the South East

Designing your Prints

Getting your print design right is very important.  Your guests will have queued for a bit, chosen their perfect set of props to create these amazingly hilarious photos and so you want them to be able to take away a suitably fitting memento of the occasion.  Something that will have pride of place on the fridge door rather than stuffed down the side of the microwave!

We see all too often on social media prints being shared that show a very basic template, perhaps a single colour background, and the event or couple’s names simply added onto the front.  No flair, no imagination – no care for how it looks.  Something like this perhaps:

At least the photos are in focus…. you’ll be surprised how many we see that aren’t!!

When you book the Odyssey Photobooth or Odyssey #SelfieMirror we take time to find out about your event……. the colour scheme…. whether there is a theme……. if you have used a specific font throughout the other printed elements (seating plans etc).  We will offer you some ideas and together we will create something that you simply love!

Here are some samples of work that we have worked with our clients to create:

Photobooth Layouts

Selfie Mirror Layouts