Photobooth and Selfie Mirror Hire in the South East

As suppliers we see this on forums so many times….. people complaining after the event as their photos were blurry or out of focus.    What’s even worse is that we see companies touting for business with out of focus photos as if it’s the norm!!


The photos from your Photobooth or Selfie Mirror should be crisp, vibrant and in focus!  Yes, of course there are exceptions to the rule…. if someone sticks their face right up to the camera, someone is moving their hands at 100 miles an hour, or photobombs in at the last minute….    But as a general rule of thumb, the photos should always be awesome!

So, how do you work out who knows their stuff, and who doesn’t!  Quite simply look at their websites; a suppliers website should showcase their best photos.  If there are any sub standard ones on there, you know it can only get worse!!  Some suppliers post up their galleries on Facebook for everyone to see.. again another opportunity for you to check out the photo quality.

Whilst you are at it, check out the range of props in the photos, look at the differences in print artwork – or is it the same template over and over again…….