Photobooth and Selfie Mirror Hire in the South East

The Odyssey #SelfieMirror has arrived!

The long anticipated wait has finally ended and the Odyssey #SelfieMirror has arrived!   After months of research, and trialling different Selfie Mirrors (there are three mainstream versions in the marketplace at the moment) there was no choice to make – there was clear winner, and despite being considerably more expensive, it is well worth the extra money!

So what made us choose this one?…..

  • To ensure that the photos don’t get distorted, the Odyssey #SelfieMirror has a glass mirror – the others all had plastic fronts to them – the glass made for a clearer picture without any distortions
  • Odyssey #SelfieMirror uses a Canon DSLR to take the photos.  This was a MUST on my list, as webcams, whilst having come on in picture quality are still no match for a decent digital SLR, and as the Odyssey Photobooth has  Semi-Pro Canon DSLR, it made sense to stick with what we know works really really well.
  • The printer we chose is the award winning DNP DS40.  Whilst that won’t mean anything to most people, its the baseline in the industry to which all other Dye Sublimation printers are measured.  As far as i was concerned – it’s the Photos that our clients love, so only the best was going to good enough.
  • It looks fab!  It looks like a classy mirror – it doesn’t look cheap, it’s not pretending to be something that it’s not…..  and it will easily feel at home in any venue.
  • The software is built in house.  The company we bought the Odyssey #SelfieMirror from builds their own software.  They are the market leaders (having built the first Selfie Mirror!) and are constantly providing up dates as the software is improved following client feedback.  This was so important that the manufacturers listened to what us, the end users needed.
  • The artwork that is shown throughout each session is customisable.  So whether it’s a couple getting married or a corporate party, we can totally customise the user experience.
  • It has voices!!!  OK, they are American voices at the moment… but that could change very soon!
  • It’s interactive
    • users can trigger the starting screen by simply waving their hands in the air, or we can set it to detect a smile – How Awesome is that!!
    • users can have a screaming contest – not only with a “Scream-ometer” but only when you reach a certain level will it take the last photo!!!
    • users get to sign their name, draw a simple picture which is then displayed on the print at the end too – 100% unique and personalised print – NO OTHER MIRROR DOES THIS!!!
  • The software is quite simple to use, and we can make the whole experience unique to a particular event, by adding in logos, message and all sorts – it’s really flexible and i can see we’re going to have some fun with it!

So, in  a nutshell we chose this particular mirror as it’s the Rolls Royce of Selfie Mirrors.  Unlike the other mirrors, it didn’t distort the image, the picture quality is awesome and the flexibility and support for the software was unrivalled.

The first Promo Video is up and live on the main Photoboth Webpage – take a look and then call us to check availability – trust me, you won’t regret it!!