Photobooth and Selfie Mirror Hire in the South East

Top Tip: See a Sample!

Out of focus, blurry photos?  It doesn’t happen?  Surely not…… Read on to find out more!

We were at a wonderfull Wedding over the weekend, but alas, not providing the Photobooth.  As the Photobooth was being put together, we were filled with much hope!!  Although it was one of the “common photobooths” using the graphics panels held on with magnets …..

  • it used a digital camera rather than a webcam – BIG plus!,
  • it was attended by two Booth Butlers (yay!) who were fab – energetic, happy and worked well with the guests (BIG Yay!).

Unfortunately this is where the joy came to a grinding halt!

  • They had been booked from 7.30pm – the room they were in didn’t even open until 8pm! 
  • They had a “huge props box”…. actually they two small props boxes in the Photobooth itself which made it impossible to get larger groups in…. and the selection as you can imagine was very limited.
  • They were completing a Memory Album for the Bride & Groom but NOT encouraging the guests to write in it (in fact it was hidden around the back of the Photobooth), so there was very little personalisation, virtually no funny or loving comments.
  • Despite not starting until 8pm, they still closed the Booth spot on 10.30pm.  It was their fault the Bride & Groom booked the wrong time.

But my main bug bear, and the reason for this Blog Post was the Print Artwork and the Photographs themselves…

  • The print artwork showed little / no imagination and actually promoted buying extra prints online!
  • The title of the Print was simply “Bride and Groom Date of Wedding” – not justified nicely on the artwork, not even clear to see against the background image.
  • The photos were OUT OF FOCUS and shot against a bleached white background

I simply could not believe what I was seeing!

So, my Top Tip of the YEAR would be to see sample prints from previous events.  If they are digital copies, then hopefully they will pick something that’s in focus and looks good!!  A decent photobooth company will:-

  • help you to design your own print artwork
  • your name/details should be integrated into the artwork
  • their company name should be less obvious
  • provide a range of backdrops to compliment your artwork

I would strongly advise against having any reference to where to buy additional digital copies

They will also use a digital camera to capture the photo AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!

OK, I know you want to see it!!  here it is:-